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11 Real Estate Tips For
Grooming Your Kapiti Home
For The First Open Home

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When you're planning for an open home, buyers not only need to leave with a good impression, but also they need to be
able to imagine themselves living there.

This is why it is so important to stage your Kapiti home ready for viewing. There are different ways to go about it depending on your budget. Here are some Kapiti real estate tips to get you started.

Some sellers put some, or all, of their existing furniture in
storage and hire furniture and accessories to stage each room
ready for the open home.

Although you may not want to go to that expense there are some easy ideas used by professional home groomers. Incidentally, they can charge up to $5,000 for advice and furniture hire for a month. If you want to save some money you will be able to arrange the staging of your Kapiti home yourself.

The first bit of advice you'll probably get from a professional home groomer is to finish off any DIY jobs in progress. He or she will then want you to focus on decluttering and thorough cleaning of the entire house (even if it already clean).

Here are 11 quick real estate tips a professional home groomer might suggest:

1. Adding a slim hall table, uncluttered coat stand or even an
umbrella jar to provide a sense of arrival in an entryway.

2. Possibly renting a good painting or two for a month.

3. Arranging face towels and sheets in cupboards with a single
big fold to the front. Stacking linen etc. in colour groups.

4. Leaving empty space in cupboards and wardrobes to give the impression of more room.

5. Stacking your CD, DVD or video collection neatly in a stand,
or on a shelf, or hide them away in a cupboard.

6. Making sure the TV is not the focal point of the room.

7. Arrange classy 'D├ęcor Design' type magazines neatly on a
coffee table. This is certainly something you can do yourself,
even if you just rent magazines or books from the local

8. The home groomer might want a reading lamp and neatly stacked books by an armchair to suggest comfort and relaxation. A chessboard on a coffee table or telescope/binoculars by a window with a view can achieve a similar result.

9. Adding vases of flowers around the home to give a feel of
good living and extra care.

10. Removing fridge magnets, decluttering kitchen cupboards and drawers. Putting the nicest tea towels on top.

11. The home grooming might even suggest grouping pots of one style and colour in one spot. If you are doing it yourself, then terracotta is still the cheapest and has a classic look. Arrange them in a row along a path or across a tabletop, or even up some stairs.

I hope you found these 11 real estate tips useful.

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Article by Noel Peebles


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