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The Importance Of
Location When Selling
Your Kapiti Property

location selling Kapiti properties

There is no disputing that the location and setting of your home will influences its value.

Buyer's are generally looking for convenience, privacy and comfortable living. A home in a quiet private cul-de-sac will often sell for more than an identical home on a busy street.   A location with views and trees will often enhance the value of a property. These are not hard-and-fast rules; it really depends on what a buyer is looking for.

Good or bad, the location is something that can't be changed by anyone in the negotiation process.

And, that's not all... there is one other factor affecting how quickly a property might or might not sell, and for how much...

The State Of The Housing Market And Local/National Economy

Yes, the state of the housing market, interest rates, and the local/national economy can affect buyer demand and selling prices. How you adapt or react to market conditions is your call.

Selling your home in a buoyant real estate market should be relatively easy, regardless of its location or condition, as long as you hire a competent agent and price the property correctly.

But, selling your home in a tight real estate market is a whole different ball game. Buyers become more selective. Effective marketing, choosing a good agent and correct pricing becomes even more critical.

As they say in showbiz, "Timing is everything"!

In A 'Strong' Market

If the housing market is 'strong' you stand a better chance of selling your home at the price you want. But remember, if you sell in a 'strong' market, chances are, you will be buying in the same 'strong' market. That means you may have to respond quickly to offers and compete aggressively with other buyers.

In A 'Weak' Market

If the housing market is 'weak' your home may take longer to sell and the price may not meet your expectations. To get a decent price you may have to spend money to make improvements to your property and offer incentives to compete with other homes on the market.

Remember though, you may also be buying in a 'weak' market, so you could potentially pick up a bargain.

So, when you think about it; selling your home is a bit like baking a cake. It takes the right ingredients, mixed together in the right proportions and with the right amount of help, care and attention. Do that - and you have the makings of a successful sale!

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Article by Noel Peebles


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